Can I convert a quark document into a PDF?

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When it comes time to send a proof of the file you created in QuarkXPress to a client, being able to convert your layout to PDF format is essential. Here is how.

Quark to PDF

QuarkXPress is a great program for creating page layouts. However, when it comes time to have a client proof a layout electronically, a Quark file is not such a great option, since the vast majority of non-graphic design businesses don’t have QuarkXPress loaded on their computers. This is when the ability to create a PDF (Acrobat Portable Document File) is essential.There are a few options available for creating PDFs from a Quark document.

Prior to Quark 6.0, using Acrobat Distiller was the way to perform the task. To do so, you had to create a PostScript file in Quark, using the ‘Print’ command, and then bring it into Distiller to create a PDF.


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