Can WordPress be used to make a full featured website?

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Can WordPress be used to make a full featured website?

Can WordPress be used to make a full featured website? Yes, you can use WordPress to make a full featured website. WordPress is a great base for every website project. Take a look at this few examples of Top10 large brands using WordPress:

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Time Inc.
  3. Facebook Newsroom
  4. BBC America
  5. Sony Music
  6. | The official site of Sweden
  7. Microsoft News Center
  8. Bata Shoes
  9. The Walt Disney Company
  10. Mercedes-Benz

On this list, you may find news and press sites, but also company websites, e-shops and even national website of Sweden.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. When I’m writing this sentence, it has more than 28% of all websites. Here is a list of 10 reasons why you can develop almost every website using WordPress:

1. WordPress is easy-to-use

WordPress is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc. on a regular basis is a breeze and can be done quickly. Because the technology is so simple, time spent on formatting is greatly reduced.

2. You can manage your website from any computer in the world

WordPress is browser-based. You can log in from any Internet-connected computer and manage your site.

3. You don’t need to know HTML/CSS to create beautiful content

WordPress is a self-contained system and does not require HTML editing software. You can create a new page or blog post, format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc. all without the need for additional HTML.

4. Google loves WordPress

The code behind WordPress is very clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index a site’s content.

5. You can have multiple users

As an administrator of a WordPress site, you can set-up multiple users for the website and assign access levels and capabilities to each user.

6. You can customize your theme

7. You can make a blog, portfolio or a corporate website with just a few clicks

The blog is WordPress base. But you can uses pages or custom post types to create new content.

8. You can extend the functionality using plugins

Want to add an event calendar, video gallery, Twitter Feed, Facebook Fan Box or maybe create a shop. WordPress makes this possible with plugins.

9. You don’t need a big server at the beginning

WordPress sites are very scalable. You can start with shared hosting and migrate to a dedicated solution in the future when you have hundreds of thousands of pages or blog posts on your site.

10. Your site is always updated

WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes are developing al the time as well as can be sure, that your site is safe and secure, especially when you are using a great tool for updates and backups like Perfect Dashboard.

To sum up, WordPress is a great base for you and your team to create almost every website. Just focus on the benefits, and you can make it. Because:

Code is Poetry


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