How should I feel confident in Advanced Excel after learning it?

Teachers use it when they need to need compare a student to their peers. So do entrepreneurs, when they’re considering which offering(s) to keep and which to retire. As do scientists, who want to figure out the homogeneity of a dataset.

What am I talking about? Microsoft Excel of course.

The three professions are among the 80% of job openings that require spreadsheet and word-processing software skills. Yet so many people never even ...

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Can I convert a quark document into a PDF?

When it comes time to send a proof of the file you created in QuarkXPress to a client, being able to convert your layout to PDF format is essential. Here is how.

Quark to PDF

QuarkXPress is a great program for creating page layouts. However, when it comes time to have a client proof a layout electronically, a Quark file is not such a great option, since the vast majority of non-graphic design businesses don’t have QuarkXPress loaded on ...

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How do you insert footnotes in Excel?

Putting together an Excel spreadsheet to track your company’s revenues, expenditures, employee work hours or other details may seem like familiar territory, especially if you’ve used other Microsoft Office programs such as Word. Occasionally, Excel differs from these programs, however, and if you’ve looked for Word’s handy auto-footnoting feature, you may have felt a bit lost. It’s not present in Excel, but this doesn’t mean you can’t apply the same feature to your spreadsheets. Footnoting in Excel requires a ...

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How many used rows are in an Excel spreadsheet?

The number of cells, columns, rows, and sheets supported by a spreadsheet all depend on what spreadsheet program is being used, its version, and the type of data contained in each of the cells. Below is a list of the maximum number of rows, columns, cells, and individual sheets each of the spreadsheet programs can have.

Note: The below values are the theoretical limits. As data is inserted into a spreadsheet other factors such as how much memory the ...

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What are some alternatives to Microsoft Excel?

15 Excel Alternatives To Help Your Team

Excel is easily one of the most versatile and essential software in any business’s toolbox—it’s used to organize, manage, analyze, forecast and visualize data.

But because Excel is mainly used on individual computers, it’s challenging for users to access their documents from anywhere or to collaborate with their team in real time.

Emailing files back and forth can get confusing…and no one is sure which version is the right one.

The good ...

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What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program included in Microsoft Office suite of applications. Spreadsheets will provide you with the values arranged in rows and columns that can be changed mathematically using both basic and complex arithmetic operations. In addition to the standard spreadsheet features, Excel offers programming support via Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the ability to access data from external sources via Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). Microsoft Excel is an Electronic Spreadsheet Computer Program.

To know ...

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What is the best feature of Excel according to you and why?

Pivot Tables

PivotTables summarise large amounts of Excel data from a database that is formatted where the first row contains headings and the other rows contain categories or values. The way the data is summarised is flexible but usually the Pivot Table will contain values summed over some or all of the categories.

If you’re new to creating PivotTables, Excel 2013 can analyze your data and recommend a PivotTable for you. Once you’re comfortable with PivotTables you can start ...

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What are the pros and cons of Google Sheets versus Microsoft Excel?

Keeping track of all of your data and lists can get messy and overwhelming. Whether you have thousands of statistics to report or just a simple personal finance spreadsheet, picking the best spreadsheet software is important, and that usually boils down to Excel vs Google sheets.

Both software is a great option for organizing your information into neat spreadsheets.

So, we’re here to help which spreadsheet tool is truly the best!

Microsoft ...

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What skills should one master in MS Excel?

1. Master the Shortcuts

Learning some keyboard shortcuts can help you save precious time. Even though most computer and Internet users today cannot imagine navigating online without a mouse or at least a touchpad, you can save a great deal of time by using only the keyboard. You are probably already familiar with using Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v to copy and paste. Some other useful shortcuts that can come in handy are Ctrl+z to undo the last action, Ctrl+PgUp to ...

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