How do you create a pivot table in Excel?

Pivot tables are one of Excel‘s most powerful features. A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set.

Our data set consists of 213 records and 6 fields. Order ID, Product, Category, Amount, Date and Country.

Insert a Pivot Table

To insert a pivot table, execute the following steps.

1. Click any single cell inside the data set.

2. On the Insert tab, in the Tables group, click ...

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How could I improve my formulas in Excel?

If you’re comfortable working with Excel formulas, you probably don’t need to read this little article. It covers pretty basic stuff. But if you’re new to Excel or rusty about formula construction or maybe just have never “pushed the envelope” so to speak, it’s a good idea to buff up your formula construction skills. Such buffing will make it easier to work with Excel in general. And such buffing will really simplify working with Excel’s data statistical and statistical ...

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