How can I have a shared Excel spreadsheet with an user-defined function while making sure nobody adds any other VBA code?

You can have a shared excel spreadsheet with an user-defined function while making sure nobody adds any VBA code. How? This way, KulfiSoftware is providing not one, two, three but, four ways to make the excel spreadsheet protected and with this no one can change the VBA code.

There are four ways are:

I know of to make sure somebody hasn’t added any other VBA code to your workbook.

The minimalist approach would be adding your digital signature to the ...

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How do I add a checkbox to an Excel spreadsheet?

Introduction – Add checkbox to Excel

In this article, you will learn how to add a checkbox to Excel spreadsheet. Adding checkbox make our Excel spreadsheet professional. Let’s learn how to add a checkbox to an excel spreadsheets step by step guide by KulfiSoftware.


1. Let’s suppose the columns are ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’. First, we will delete the data of column ‘C’.


2. After deleting, Click ...

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Spreadsheets VS Excel

Which is better for a company to use Google Sheets or MS Excel for spreadsheets?

Question: Which is better for a company to use Google Sheets or MS Excel for spreadsheets?

In this article, we will discuss Google Sheets VS MS Excel Spreadsheets. Sheets VS Excel? Which is better? let’s discuss. KulfiSoftware will explain you this.

Sheets VS Excel

sheets VS Excel

What is Google Spreadsheet:

Google Spreadsheets is a Web-based form that enables users to build, renew and transform spreadsheets and give ...

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Success in merging excel spreadsheets

Merge Two Spreadsheets In Excel Effectively

Merge spreadsheets in excel effectively

Merging two spreadsheets in excel is not that difficult you think, And if you think it’s difficult then just read this post by KulfiSoftware. I guaranty yo after reading this article your question will be simplified.

” How To Merge Two SpreadSheets In Excel Effectively”
As you may know, there are many articles on the internet on How to merge spreadsheets in excel and also everyone has the same content but another way to represent you. So ...

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