Are there any ROI studies between Joomla vs Drupal vs WordPress?

ROI Studies(Return on investment) between Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress

Building your website on open source software does not mean your website is going to be free. The major cost for any project (whether open source or business software) is going to be implemention including layout, information architecture (IA), configuration and customization.


Assuming you selected Joomla!

Assuming you selected Joomla as the CMS you want to build your site on, there might be both commercial and free modules that fit ...

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Why are so many publications switching to WordPress for their CMS, and what are the pros and cons of WordPress vs. Joomla, Expression Engine, or Drupal for an online magazine?

Why is WordPress Preferred For CMS? (Content Management System)

The pro of WordPress compared to the other two: simplicity. The con of WordPress: everything else. I’ve seen my share of WordPress sites and can tell you – as long as you don’t need or want anything nonstandard, WordPress will do.


If you need something nonstandard, though, WordPress will quickly turn out far more expensive than alternatives. Drupal 8 even has a ...

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Where can I find a good comparison of WordPress vs Joomla?

WordPress VS Joomla

You can find a good comparison of WordPress Vs Joomla Here WordPress vs Joomla – Both are a tool which can give you a platform for making your own free website.
The WhatsWP website is the best website for finding a comparison of WordPress vs Joomla.

wordpress vs joomla


WordPress –

  • Released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg.
  • 75 million websites are WordPress based, 160 ...
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