Why are there no automatic tools that migrate sites from Drupal to WordPress (or vice versa)?

Actually, the automated tool has already been created.

It is called CMS2CMS (http://www.cms2cms.com). It can migrate content, categories, images, users, comments, tags and internal links from Drupal to WordPress. http://www.cms2cms.com/supported…

Using CMS2CMS requires no technical skills or software installations and the migration is performed within minutes to a couple of hours (depending on the site size).

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What is the best plugin for migrating a WordPress site?

This plugin helps you import all of your posts, pages, comments, tags, categories and other necessary settings from the export file. It can also import custom filed, post-Meta, customs taxonomies terms, and author profiles.

It is a multi-language plugin and can support more than 17 different languages. It has certain filters to import only the selected content. If you are importing a very large amount of data, it is a safe option to consult your hosting service providers.

Installation ...

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How would I go about migrating a WordPress site into Ruby on Rails?

Did not find an easy solution to this so I created a gem: https://github.com/lfender6445/t…

gem install theme_bandit

The gem allows you to build a tiny rack application out of an existing live site. If nothing else, this will do a large portion of the setup work when converting an existing template to a ruby project (handling of assets like js, css, and conversion for template engines)

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