Can I bulk import posts into wordpress? Want to take select drupal posts and move to wordpress site?

Can it be done? Yes. Is it easy? No. Besides manually copying and pasting content from one platform to the other, I don’t know of a good way. The RSS feed method will leave a lot of holes at best that will force you to revisit all the content. I’d recommend checking out the services provided by companies like

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Why should (or shouldn’t) one move a WordPress blog into Sitecore?

In most cases we decided to use (or keep using) WordPress as a blog and integrate it transparently on the website by using the XML feed from wordpress and XMLrpc api to make the possibility of posting comments by public visitors.

This was the reason we choose to use WordPress. WordPress is unbeatable when it comes to simplicity for authors and editors. That is especially the case if they are already used to WordPress. It is also a big advantage to ...

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What is the easiest way to move a WordPress site?

It is fairly simple, I do these as a service.

  1. For a standard migration with no URL changes:
  2. Install the “duplicator” plugin
  3. make the backup and exclude the cache storage folders
  4. create a database on the new account
  5. upload the duplicator package and install file
  6. Fill out details including database info
  7. once it is done installing, it has a todo list but resave your permalinks, remove the duplicator files and check the site to make sure everything functions.
  8. Point your Domains DNS over to the new server
  9. clean out ...
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