Code Outsourcing: Individual or company to do software development in the Philippines?

Depends. Usually, for professional projects, software development companies are the best way to go. They carry some of the “liability” that ensures the project is completed on time, and properly. You’ll usually (at least we provide) get a support package, too.

However, I know several very capable developers that do not work for anyone and just do projects on a freelance scale. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to refer these guys to anyone that needs quality development.

It really just depends on ...

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What are the best express delivery/logistics companies in the Philippines? What do you think the advantages/disadvantages of using particular companies for outsourcing your logistics management to?

I think there are quite a number. You’ve got big, established companies like LBC, 2Go and Air 21, the mid-tier ones that are too numerous to name (although I’ve personally worked with TNL Logistics and LiteExpress) and the smaller, nimbler e-commerce focused companies like A-Commerce, CliqnShip and Xend.

I’m not sure what amount of logistics management you are looking to oursource but the best advice I’ve ever gotten about outsourcing is that you need to know what the heck you are ...

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Who is the best BPO company in either the US, Philippines, or Brazil to outsource email and live chat support for a SaaS software company (in terms of number of representatives, training, quality, price, communication skills, etc.)?

Price is usually $4 to $12 per hour per agent depending on their location, English language ability, total volume, training practices and management oversight.

This business is really competitive, so you’re going to get most companies saying they can do most things. To help find the best BPO service, I’d ask questions relating back to their hiring and management processes, which when done incorrectly, are usually at the heart of quality issues. For example:

  • How do you hire agents?
  • How do you run ...
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