How do you export a WordPress site to a static HTML, i.e., how do you remove all WordPress functionality from a WordPress theme to turn it into a plain HTML theme, and are there any ‘export as HTML’ type features available?

It is possible to make a static website from WordPress. Here is a short guide for that:

Before you start:

  1. Change all dynamic content on the website to the external services, f.e.:
    1. comment to Facebook Comments
    2. contact form to Formspree
    3. search to WP Google Search
  2. Change permission to access to the WordPress in .htaccess because WordPress is only a content “donor”.

Preparing ...

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What are the best tools to simultaneously post content to multiple sites, including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Digg? How are CoTweet, Postling, and Hootsuite? Is one better than the other?

One of the things that frustrated me were tools like that would push out content to all sites in a way that was obvious you were doing so. Specifically, you can’t write a long post, publish it to twitter and WordPress, and expect it to work. Instead, many sites will automatically truncate your post and jam a link in there, leading you back to their page (not your blog).

For that reason, we built Postling ...

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How much should I charge to develop a WordPress site?

Back in the rhythmic days of the early web, developers were free to charge whatever price they find suitable out of the air and represent it to the clients. Particularly in the entry level days, pricing are becoming more competitive. Figuring out with how much one should pay to develop a WordPress website is such a real pain especially for small business and startups just like finding someone trustworthy to build their application.

Hi I am Business Analyst of ...

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