Which WordPress plugin can I use to track any content changes (articles and pages, especially)?

WordPress has some of this functionality built-in, and it’s often overlooked. It’s not super sophisticated, like a true version control system, but it’s better than nothing.

When you create posts or pages, WordPress will save previous versions of something you’ve worked on more than once. These are called revisions. Find a post or page that you’ve done many edits to, and open it in the editor. Take a look near the top right in the “Publish” box. This box may ...

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How would I add a drop down menu to the content of my WordPress page?

If your template supports dropdown menu, just place menu item hierarchically (drag and drop on parent menu item) in settings. If not, you’ll need to pick another theme or make changes in current one.

If you are brave enough to make changes and dig deeper in WordPress here’s article for you: “Navigation Menus

GNU General Public License allows you to make changes in any ...

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What WordPress plugins allow you to create modular content to add to different pages/posts?

You are correct, you can’t do it “out of the box” but WordPress is so flexible it is possible to make it happen, if you can code in PHP or possibly if you can scour and find the plugins that will enable it.

Looking at that requirement I’d probably create a Custom Post Type for the equivalent of a Squidoo Lens and then use comments and comment meta to store each of the different types of items since comments are one-to-many ...

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Is there a platform or WordPress plugin that lets you customize exactly which users/subscribers have access to each page of content?

My favorite by far is Your Members http://www.yourmembers.co.uk/

The framework it is built upon is very secure, and the developers provide great support. It is however most suitable for technical users.

Other alternatives include DAP (Digital Access Pass), S2 Member, Wishlist Member, Using A member to manage things, and there are also dedicated plugins for use with Infusionsoft.

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How do I remove duplicate content pages from the blog section of my WordPress site?

Wordpress causes a lot of duplicate content issues because of its tags and categories features.

Let’s say you have three posts on your site. All three are tagged “A”, “B”, and “C”, but then each have a unique tag, so “D”, “E”, and “F” respectively.

The “A” tag page (which you would get to by clicking on that tag in any of the posts that have that tag) would show all three posts. The “B” tag page would show the exact same, ...

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How would I add a drop down menu to the content of my WordPress page?

Idk exactly how to answer or have one really but don’t give up keep reading…
You have several options some of which I have no clue how to do but am throwing around in my brain maybe create a popup…depending if you have content on your main site this should work creating a popup and having them choose their option then navigating them to the sub domain
The Pop up plug in I use is called WordPress Pop up its ...

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