How can I copy a table with “data bars” from Excel 2010 to Word 2010, retaining table properties instead of as a picture or PDF?

Linking a chart to a newsletter or report is an excellent example of how to use Microsoft Office effectively. Say someone corrected the data in the spreadsheet. The chart in Microsoft Excel will change. The chart that you linked with Paste Special in Word will update, too.

These same steps can be used to select a Range of data in Excel (including Conditional Formatting such as Data Bars) and Paste Special in Word.

Memo to self: When you Paste Special choose a Microsoft Excel Object to keep all of the original ...

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Can an Excel pivot table be converted to a PDF?

Can an Excel pivot table be converted to a PDF?

Can an Excel pivot table be converted to a PDF? Yes, of course, you can use Microsoft Office Excel if you already have installed one.

  1. Open the Excel file with MS Excel.
  2. Click the File>Save As>PDF. Also, you can choose the PDF quality, Standard or Minimum size.
  3. Click “Save” to convert Excel to PDF.

Also, you can utilize a PDF tool to print Excel as PDF, such as novaPDF, it ...

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Can WordPress be used to create a site with user generated content?

1. Go to Hostgator and select ‘start your site

Type in a domain name ( could be anything relevant to your website’s topic. Most of the good domains a taken, so it might be helpful to add guide, best, top, reviews, plus with the domain name.’ or anything that makes sense

2. Login  username and password for your site and there you have your very own website.

3. Now, Login and start using your blog.

Also, Select a theme that suits your website’s topic and just ...

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