How do I write a Python code to download images from 100 URLs stored in a .CSV file?

Suppose you have a file photos.csv like this:

  1. “Christina1.jpg”,“”
  2. “Christina2.jpg”,“”
  3. “Christina3.jpg”,“”
  4. “Christina4.jpg”,“”
  5. “Christina5.jpg”,“”

You can download the images with this code (I tried succesfully):

  1. import csv
  2. import requests
  4. with open(‘fotos.csv’) as csvfile:
  5. csvrows = csv.reader(csvfile, delimiter=‘,’, ...
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How can I add numbers in CSV to an image and extract each image with one number in Photoshop? (or any other software)

Usually this task is accomplished in two phases:

  • design the flyer with a space in which the code shoud be and print all 5000 flyers (typographic offsett printer or with a large volume digital laser printer)
  • overprint the numbers in the exact location you need them with a dedicated system

Alternatively you can look for a print service which uses the latest digital laser printers with a software that can do this for you, you could set up a spcial format text in ...

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