How do I import products from Esty into Shopify via ShopMaster?

First of all, each entrepreneur has to understand that technically migration is not a difficult thing. But it may involve not only business profit but also some risks. Nowadays, e-Commerce migration is the biggest problem because moving a website from low grade service provider to high grade service provider may cause some troubles concerning configuration and various dependency issues. That is why it is very important to make a right choice of the platform you want to migrate too. Continue Reading →

How do I Import products from AliExpress to Shopify?

You can use a Shopify app called Oberlo. Oberlo has one-click integration into Aliexpress products. You can use the app (or copy/paste product URL) and then edit the title, description, photos, price and variants all before making the product go live on your Shopify site.

Or you can manually add products. Downloading/uploading picture. adding title, description, price, etc

Apps like Oberlo makes dropshipping very easy on Shopify. They even have a Chrome extension you can use as well. Always ...

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How important is the SEO for my Shopify store?

Shopify is the best solution for starting a home-office based eCommerce business around the World. More and more people realize the benefits of Shopify SEO optimized webshop.

When you create an account at Shopify you can edit the page title and meta description for SEO are built-in.

Check out this screenshot, why Shopify is so popular compared to BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Magento these days.

Source: Google trends

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How do I import Etsy reviews to Shopify?

To import reviews to Shopify you would need to have a CSV file which contains your review data and a compatible review app like Yotpo, etc.

There is no direct way for exporting your Etsy reviews, however you can use a service “Etsy Review Exporter” which automates this entire process. Just provide your Etsy store details, and the service will send you reviews to your email inbox.

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