What are you Top 5 (or Top 10) functions.php “must dos” (read: best practices) on every WordPress install and/or theme?

. Install WordFence and/or Sucuri’s plugin
2. I use Genesis so a ton of optimizations are already handled for me — so, uh, install Genesis, child theme (or custom one), install Genesis Simple Sidebars, Simple Edits, and generally Simple Social Icons (or SocialZilla).
3. Install Backup Buddy and schedule daily DB and weekly full backups.
4. Install the WP SEO plugin (Yoast)
5. Install Gravity Forms
6. Install CryptX and configure it to obfuscate emails using javascript (and auto encrypt ...

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What is the easiest way to set up an online store? I was going to build the site in WordPress so that the owner can update the content easily. What are some go-to plugins? Track where customers are coming from, the more popular products, etc

The easiest way to set up an online store, as you already know, is WordPress. Basically, what you need is the WooCommerce plugin + different extensions to it.

The steps are:

Step 1. Get an affordable & reliable hosting. DreamHost is a great option to get you started and it starts at $5/month.

Step 2. Install WordPress. Most popular hosting companies let you install WordPress just by clicking a ...

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