Content Management Systems (CMS): On which platform (e.g., Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.) is it easiest to learn how to develop custom modules?

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Drupal is for only the professional web developer who is actually a programmer by trade.  It is only popular amongst large organizations, so development teams are the ones that usually work with Drupal.

True, a few individual developers may harness the power of Drupal, but it is not for the general web developer who designs many websites and needs more pre-written modules to work with.

Joomla  version 2.5 meets most every basic need for web development.  There are probably 10,000 plugins, modules and components covering every possible business use you can imagine, plus a corresponding number of design themes available for purchase or free.

WordPress is easy and somewhat robust for the average person, but lacks the complete scope of pre-written business components that Joomla developers sell or give away for free.


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