There have been a fantastic rise in the volume and quality of data inflow.Thus maintaining clean, consistent and worthy data across every organization has become a challenge. This is why Kulfi Softwares as an outsourcing company aided enterprises to manage all aspects of data cleansing and data quality management, starting right from distinguishing and mending inaccurate, extraneous, incomplete, random, or non-conforming data to achieve and maintain clean, top quality data.

Let us consider the various ways in which your data might not be supporting your business needs:

Incomplete records submitted through your online enquiry forms or alternative channels by your customers.

Misfielded information lost among numerous fields by sales/service representatives.

Inconsistent records from CRM, ERP and other knowledge sourcing systems.

Low integration of knowledge from a range of sources, typically with dissimilar titles for a similar fields, as an    example “postal code”, “area code”, “zip code”, etc., or “address,” “residence address”, “street address”, etc.

For you not to have a poor or irrelevant data lingering in your business records, it is important to takeaction to maintain aclean and consistent data. This cleanliness and consistency can only be possible if you cleanse your data from irrelevant information.

The different Data Cleansing Services Kufi Softwares has to offer

End-to-End solution for data enrichment

We deliver a large selection of extra data enrichment services, such as:

Identifying and editing unrelated, inaccurate, incomplete, missing, spurious, worthless, corrupt or obsolete knowledge.

Identifying and removing duplicate records.

Identifying key variables in associate existing info.

Suggesting new variables to complement a database.

Data auditing and aggregation database.

Adding missing details like first and last names, date of birth, phone numbers and postal codes.

Suppressing information against industry universal files like MPS, GAS, TBR, NSF etc.

Enhancing databases with extra info like product attributes, pictures and manufacturer specifications.

Comparing and removing records that march any third party info –g. opt-in and opt-out lists.

Matching and correlating knowledge across variety of fields Interlinking and consolidating multiple knowledge sources.

Rectifying discrepancies with reference to spellings, abbreviations and sort errors.

Outsource your data cleansing to Kulfi Softwares and gain a plus over your contemporaries.

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