Data Processing

One important service any organization must have is the Data processing services. Data  processing is very important whether the raw data you’ve are handling is of large or small volume. data processing is necessary to your business and in making tactical decisions. This is why it is important to that you out source your data processing needs to Kulfi Softwares, because it is the solution that you are after.

At Kulfi Softwares, we provide timely and accurate offshore data processing as an assortment of:

● data collection and entry

● computer or electronic data processing.

● data conversion

Kulfi software is labeled to be one of the best outsource company with an awesome data processing service.We have in our grasp advanced tools and highly efficient in-house teams to process data, with the highest authenticity and speed;at a beneficial rates for different industries and companies.

Our Data Processing Service Offerings:

Kulfi Softwares have been providing both small and large array of data processing services – online as well as offline.  There are various offers that are available in our data processing services:

● Data Conversion

We have the ability to convert large volume of haphazard,unstructured or untidy data into more appropriate , easy-to-access digital format. We can handle all data content files–PDF documents, scanned images, eBooks, , HTML, XML,microfilm etc.

● Forms & Check Processing

Kulfi Softwares have specialist in processing unstructured and untidy forms such as registration forms,  survey forms, checks, claims, applications, , etc.

● Data Formatting and Cleansing

We have earnest and hard working specialists for data formatting and cleansing to improve your data quality. We also offer address validation,De-duplication, standardization and enrichment services.

● Resume Processing & Formatting

At Kulfi Softwares,, We Aldo offer resume processing / formatting services which permits HR managers, staffing and recruiting agencies to manage bunch of resumes in a standardized format.

Our knowledgeable and skillful proofreaders, editors, researchers  have an indispensable knowledge of imaging and scanning technology, and document management standards that abide to global standards.

How will outsourcing data processing to KulfiSoftwares help me?

Apart from  giving you a reduced  operating and management costs,Kulfi Softwares also allows you to reinvest the time and money in other core areas of your business.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing data and information processing tasks to Kulfisoftwares are:

● Large-volume data processing

We help to manage huge volumes of data as such, you are able to focus on other job related projects.

● Data can be entered in various formats

papers, images, , forms etc. Kulfi Softwares have the necessary technical resources to capture all kinds of data in different input formats.

We help to further grow your business by giving complex statistical analyses to gather important information about your business, customer, competitors and stakeholders

We also perform data extraction from unstructured content to create spreadsheets and databases

You can contact us 24/7, every day of the year for inquiries and we will surely get back to you as soon as possible.