Downloadable products in Magento: CSV import fails. How to fix?

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I was having the same problem when I went to System>Import/Export>Import
Try method: System>Import/Export>Dataflow – Profiles. From there you select import products. Click upload file, find the CSV and then hit save and continue edit. Lastly, click on Run Profile and it should work. If you import your products in this way you will not get error.
If it doesn’t work for you try Import Wizard of Store Manager for Magentowhich allows to import different types of products – simple, downloadable, grouped, configurable, bundle etc. Using the application you will be able to import/export products along with their images (local as well as remote ones), price, description and other product related info. Also you will be able to assign products to definite categories right in the process of import. Hope this was helpful.


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