What is an E-bookConversion?

E-book conversion refers to the conversion of physical books into e-books. This is the transformation of hard copies into electronic files.

There are lots of advantages the E-book has over that of the traditional physical books.

➢ E-Book is helpful in saving storage space for books

➢ It provides a well-structured and organized manner of storing books

➢ E-books are less expensive than printed documents…

➢ E-books can be easily read and downloaded on various devices such as Laptops, Computers, IOS devices, e-Book readers, tablets and Smartphones.

It is not of major concern if you are a library owner, publishing store owner, a printing company, or just an individual in need of an e-book conversion. The only thing important is do you wish to convert your physical books into eBooks?

If yes, Then Kulfi Softwares is the right place to make your request.

At Kulfi Softwares, we provide our customers an outstanding, perfect and high quality eBook conversion outsourcing services. We offer wide range of conversion opportunities for your books so you can get conversion into your preferred formats. Thus, you can have access to your content from anywhere and anytime as long as they are in any e-book format. Reading e-book can be done on different device; be it from your

✦ Palmtops

✦ Laptops

✦ Desktop computers

✦ Ipods

✦ Ipads

✦ Kindle

✦ Sony reader

✦ Blackberry machine

✦ Barnes & noble nook etc.

At Kulfi Sofwares, we are here to help you in all your needs of converting books, articles,magazines, journals, research papers etc. into electronic files. We are prepared to transform your library into e-library and publishing store to an e-publishing store at reasonable rates and taking less time which is more acceptable for both of us. We assure you for precise and good quality conversion services.

Our professionals can effectively handle great size of -book conversion services. We have successfully completed many E-book conversion projects for several publications, book stores,libraries, institutions, and companies all around the world.

We accept E-book conversion services from different formats which can be


● MS Word

● Frame Maker

● Quark etc.

After conversion we deliver the e-books in different formats such as PDF, HTML, and XML etc.

Our E-book conversion services include:

❖ E-book conversion services

❖ E-brochure conversion services

❖ E-publishing conversion services

❖ E-journal conversion services

❖ E-research paper conversion services

❖ E-magazine conversion services

❖ Document scanning

❖ Editing

❖ Styling and Proofing

❖ Mainline text cleaning

❖ Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

❖ Completion

Advantages of Outsourcing Your E-Book Conversion Services to Us

At Kulfi Softwares,

✔ We provide complete e-book conversion services and solutions

✔ We save cost and time

✔ Our e-book conversion servicesare fast and accurate

✔ Our conversion of your e-books ensures prolong existence of the writing content

✔ Our conversion service team are highly professional and reliable services

You are most welcomed to Kulfi Softwares for any assistance related to the e-book conversion outsourcing requirements.