The mode of education for many people have changed in this modern era; as there is more use of computer and internet. Information can be gotten about anything within a few minutes, due to such a high-speed growth in technology. This have given birth to devices such as tablets, smartphones, Kindle fire, iPads etc.

Due to these devices,the ePublishing services prevalent among the users.This service helps you to take the information from the books to your mobile and computing devices.

Benefit of being involved in e-publishing is that it helps you to save your information digitally, which will not only safeguard your precious data but, also allows sharing among your friends.

This is why Kulfi Softwares is here to offer you remarkable e-publishing services by which you can convert notes, documents, books or more into digital files.

At Kulfi Softwares, we ensure perfect conversion of e-books. Therefore,  during our conversion,  we perform the following activities:

➢ Linking and labeling of table of contents in anappropriate custom

➢ Displaying the images in the accurate dimension and order

➢ Assembling Page headers and footers in proper order

➢ Converting them to compatible PDFs, kindle and other format so that they can be accessed to other devices.

Benefit Of Outsourcing your e-publishing services to Kulfi Softwares

At Kulfi Softwares, we are determined to provide our clients with perfect services. This is why we ensure our client experience great benefit like:

Experienced Staff: Our team are Skilled and capable of converting any of your documents in any format be it mobile devices or tablet formats. We have certified team members who  are from renowned institutions. We do this to ensure our worldwide clients are given dependable and successful service.

Versatile Service Provider: Our team members are Multi talented in handling any quantity of conversion for any device. No matter how bulky the nature of the e-publishing services is. Our veteran professionals have the capability to edit technical content in an interactive andeloquent way.

Quality Output: At Kulfi Softwares, we make sure to maintain the quality of the converted output with great care. Our well-valued services of cropping,clipping, and resizing helps to convert the, tables, graphs, charts,images etc. to any formats.

Strong Validation: We have two steps checking system for the converted output. The first step ensures that the text in converted file is error-free and the other step checks the compatibility of converted documents on the various type of devices.

On-time Delivery:  Our strong workforce have made it becomes possible for our company to deliver completed projects at agreed deadlines.

Budget-Friendly: We save your time and cost without any reduction on the value of the converted data. Due to our economical deals, our services are always recommended to new customers.

Extended File Format Support: At Kulfi Softwares, we have seen the increase in the use of mobile devices and tablets. This is why we have we have made our e-publishing services capable of converting compatibles document from any source such as HTML,text files,MS Word, PDF, Hard documents, , XML or scanned documents.

Dedicated Support: At, Kulfi Softwares,understands the importance of clients’ work. That’s why, we provide direct and dedicated assistance of technical team to the clients.

We also have a 24×7, 365 days  support, so that you can contact us any time.