How can I add multiple images for variable products in WordPress?

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WooCommerce is a WordPress Plugin that you can use for adding multiple images for variable products in WordPress.

WooCommerce by default swaps the main variation image, when one selects a product variation. It does not swap the gallery images below it.

This extension will also allow your online visitors to swap different gallery images when they select a variable product image .

Adding this feature will let the visitors see all the images of that product variation in the same color and texture patterns.

The steps for you to access the WooCommerce plugin is listed below :-

a. Assign the Attributes to your product and click on “Save attributes

b. Create the variations according to your purpose, and click “Save As Draft”.

c. Go to “WooCommerce Product Gallery” and upload the images that you are going to use

d. For every image, assign the variation that will be applied for the product variation swap.

e. Then Publish Your Product.


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