How can I add numbers in CSV to an image and extract each image with one number in Photoshop? (or any other software)

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Usually this task is accomplished in two phases:

  • design the flyer with a space in which the code shoud be and print all 5000 flyers (typographic offsett printer or with a large volume digital laser printer)
  • overprint the numbers in the exact location you need them with a dedicated system

Alternatively you can look for a print service which uses the latest digital laser printers with a software that can do this for you, you could set up a spcial format text in the flyer where the code should be, assign it a variable and export it in PDF format, the service software should be able to recognize the variable and replace it with anything you want for each copy of the flyer.

Ages ago I worked in a digital print service company, this kind of technology was just staring up when I quit, I’m sure now it’s a pretty common practice.


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