How can I automatically duplicate data from Excel sheet to another?

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How can I automatically duplicate data from Excel sheet to another?

To automatically duplicate data from Excel sheet to another. The simplest thing you can do is add formulas that refer to the cells in sheet 1 containing the information you want to replicate. So a simple =Sheet1!A1 should be enough. Repeat for as many cells as necessary across the row and copy down as required. Like that every time you add a new record the information is replicated/linked to the second sheet and then it’s up to you to fill in the rest. You could use VLOOKUP functions but that would be overkill for what you need based on your description.


Example:Sheet1: Master Sales Activity (with all clients)

Contains activities like Cold Call, Email, Meeting, etc for all different clients such as Company A, Company B, Company C, … and you add one by one as you perform more new sales activities.

Sheet 2: Company A

Sheet 3: Company B

Sheet 4: Company C


As you add the following new activity in Sheet 1,

“2017–05–10, Company B, Cold Calling, Interested, $1,500, …..”

This row should automatically be added to Sheet 3 as a new row.


If you want an exact copy of the sheet then just copy and paste it into the same workbook. To do this:

  • right click on the sheet’s name, then select the ‘Move or Copy…’ option
  • select the check box ‘Create a copy’ and then click OK

If you want to select and duplicate only specific ranges, then the only way that I can think of to copy those automatically is to write a bit of code in Excel’s VB Editor.

EDIT 1: (I missed the additional info provided)

All you have to do is link your second sheet to your first sheet. So, for example, if your Job numbers are in column A then you’ll link the cells for the Job numbers in the second sheet to column A of the first sheet, e.g. =Sheet1!A1 for the first Job in the second sheet.




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