How can I bulk price update in Magento?

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How can I bulk price update in Magento?

In the world of internet, there are many things you have come across. Such as add-ons, extensions, etc. Yes, we will talk about extensions here. And how extensions will help you to know to do bulk price in Magento.

So, for handling Magento bulk price it has, it’s own extension and you can use that. Quite simple as well as one step ahead from all others, just use the Bulk Price Updater it will burst your all worries about price updating.

bulk price update in Magento


Everyone can use this extension to update the price of multiple products, single product, in bulk. I hope this will quite help you. This extension is officially powered by Magento Bulk.


Do you have hundreds or thousands of products in your store and worry about spending a lot of time changing all of the prices? We would like to offer you our module, Bulk Price Updater for Magento 2, that will help you update the prices on thousands of products with just a few clicks. You just need to select the products which need to be changed and enhance the native Magento functionality with our extension’s functionality. The prices of the existing products in the store can be increased, as well as decreased, by the administrator.

Any number of reasons can cause the need to change product prices. It can be an increase due to the manufacturing cost of the product going up or a promotional event for which the prices need to be lowered. Our module Bulk Price Updater can help you update prices of products quickly, without any losses to your store. Bulk Prices Updater allows you to apply product price changes by either a percentage or fixed amount. Use this option and be sure that your price list always looks just right!

Key Features

  •  Update price in bulk.
  •  update thousands of prices by few clicks
  •  fully customizable from admin panel
  •  Select any product or multiple products you want to update at a time.
  •  apply percentage or fixed amount changes and apply a rounding
  •  update tier prices
  •  update prices via importing CSV file

I hope this post will help you!


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