How can I copy a table with “data bars” from Excel 2010 to Word 2010, retaining table properties instead of as a picture or PDF?

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Linking a chart to a newsletter or report is an excellent example of how to use Microsoft Office effectively. Say someone corrected the data in the spreadsheet. The chart in Microsoft Excel will change. The chart that you linked with Paste Special in Word will update, too.

These same steps can be used to select a Range of data in Excel (including Conditional Formatting such as Data Bars) and Paste Special in Word.

Memo to self: When you Paste Special choose a Microsoft Excel Object to keep all of the original formatting that you applied in Excel.

Before You Begin

The Beginning Guide to Excel demonstrates how to create charts. You can watch those steps in a video on YouTube: here. You can also make your own chart for this demo if you wish.

1. Try It: Open a Sample Spreadsheet

Go to Start ->Microsoft Office.
Select Microsoft Excel 2010.
Open Rainfall 2010.xlsx

What Do You See? Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access were designed to work together. Most of the options you use in Word can be found on the same Ribbons in Excel.

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Copy and Paste

2. Try it: Copy the Chart

Click once on the chart to select it. You should see a light border surrounding the chart. This border has handles in the corners, just like a picture in Word when you select it.

Go to Home -> Copy.

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Paste Special in Word

In the next steps, you will be working in Microsoft Word. You do not have to close Excel. You can have both programs open at the same time.

If the newsletter is still open in Microsoft Word, you should see it on the Task bar at the bottom of your screen. Click on the Task bar to restore the window for Word.

3. Try it: Paste Special

In Word go to Home.
Select Paste Special.

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Paste Special

Paste Special asks two questions:

First, what kind of object do you want to paste? You can paste this chart as a Picture, a Bitmap, or as an embedded Microsoft Excel Chart Object.

Second, how do you want to paste this Chart? If you choose Paste Link, the Chart in Word will look up the values in your Excel Spreadsheet.

4. Try it: Choose the Link

Please select: Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object.
Choose: Paste link.
Click OK.

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Paste Special

What Do You See? You should see a Microsoft Excel Chart in your newsletter. It worked, <grin>

However, the chart may be so big that is ends up on the second page.

5. Try it: Format the Chart
Click once on the Chart to select it.
Resize the Chart with the handles, as if it is just like one of your pictures.

Edit the Text Wrapping:
Go to Page Layout -> Text Wrapping. Select: Tight.
Arrange the Layout: You can place the Chart wherever it looks best in your newsletter. Save your work, please.


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