How can I make my social media work better for me to make money?

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How can I make my social media work better for me to make money?

How can I make my social media work better for me to make money?

It’s really all about gaining positive exposure for your product or service to the right audience. Then building yourself as a authority.

I know the first thing that comes to mind is just SPAM. However, this doesn’t always create “positive exposure”. Growth Hackers will tell you that any exposure is good exposure and to a large degree I do agree with them if you do not have the finesse and the knowledge to know what your doing or you could end up like a “bull in a china shop”, and just irritate a bunch of people.

Indirect and repetitive exposure is where I would start. It typical takes a number of times for people to view you as a credible source for the answers to a problem that they want to solve. You might also want to give, before you get. Think about providing value first. I also think you also think you will staying power so you will need to commit to this as a growth strategy as only ~3% of people are ready to buy when you meet them.

Unfortunately too, “social” is just a vehicle so you either need to build a full blown sales funnel or treat social as a endless networking event!

It’s not going to be a silver bullet unless you are fully capable of building a outstanding ad campaign that is going to capture people attention. Know how to target the right groups, understand a great landing page that captures visitors information. Then you might also need the ability to remarketing and setup email drips to bring them back if you don’t catch them the first time. This is a Herculean task, but this is typically what most people are are wanting. A fully automated inbound marketing strategy. You can learn to set it up or hire someone and this in itself is daunting..

Start Here:

  • Grow your Audience through Manuel or Automated means
  • Post regularly through Manuel, outsourced, or automated means
  • DM people that your connected with that are the right propects
  • Don’t just pitch them but build a relationship like you would in person
  • Commit to it. It will not happen overnight.
  • Check out our podcasts for more tips Best SEO Podcast LIVE | Houston Internet Marketing | eWebResults

If you are looking still for more and you want a step by step blueprint, I have layout this stuff in more detail in my book Build Your Brand


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