How can I merge several small PDF files to single PDF file?

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There are many ways to merge PDF files into one file. I will discuss 3 easy methods for the same.

1st method

Use online PDF converter to merge PDF files. These are the best services for PDF editing without the hassle of installing untrusted softwares on your computer. Just upload the files and wait. They will do the rest. Here i give best sites for pdf merge.

  1. Merge PDF files online. Free service to merge PDF

2nd method

use adobe acrobat PDF to combine it

open acrobat reader and select “combine files” option from “files” menu. Then just add the files need for merge and align the pages and click “combine files”.

after that use “save as” option from “file” menu to save it.

3rd method

In all three, this is the more complex and advanced method.

Use adobe photoshop

first click on “file” and open “automate” and select “PDF presentation” . Then click on “browse” and add the files want to merge.(Before that you should rename all it in alphabetic order. It cant align in Photoshop.) Then click “save”. A new window will open and there you can set size of pdf in “compression” menu then click on “save PDF” and choose location and save it.


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