How do I add a checkbox to an Excel spreadsheet?

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Introduction – Add checkbox to Excel

In this article, you will learn how to add a checkbox to Excel spreadsheet. Adding checkbox make our Excel spreadsheet professional. Let’s learn how to add a checkbox to an excel spreadsheets step by step guide by KulfiSoftware.


1. Let’s suppose the columns are ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’. First, we will delete the data of column ‘C’.


2. After deleting, Click on developer tab mode in the ribbon, and click add. A drop-down menu will appear in that select checkbox under the form controls.



3. You’ll need to click and pull to create a box in which the checkbox will resemble. Drag throughout the cell that you want the checkbox in to make it near wherever you want it.



4. You’ll see that checkbox contains some text. You can delete that. After deleting you will be left with a blank box.


5. Now, right click on that checkbox and select format control. A dialog box will appear, go to control and select the row you want in my case I’ll select E2.


6. Now, when you click the box in C2 you will see a true value will appear in E2.


7. Note that after you right-click on a checkbox to change options, you’ll need to click out of that cell before you can check or uncheck the box again.

8. Now, when you will repeat the process as the number of columns you have, the checkbox will appear with true/false value.


This is how we add a checkbox in Excel.




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