How do I concatenate two fields in Excel?

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How do I concatenate two fields in Excel?

To concatenate two fields in Excel you must need to read this article carefully. by KulfiSoftware.


If you’re only combining two cells, the ampersand “&” is the easiest way – as mentioned by Vitor Barreto, but if you’re combining more than two there are a few functions you could use.


If you’re using the latest version of Excel, try out the TEXT JOIN function. It’s like Concatenate, but so much better, as :

  • You can specify a range of cells (i.e. A1: A30), rather than having to specify each cell individually,
  • You can define a delimiter (i.e. insert a comma between results), and
  • You can tell it how to handle blank cells (i.e. ignore them or not).

Try it out. It’s really quite cool.


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