How do I extract data from an Excel matrix?

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How do I extract data from an Excel matrix?

How do I extract data from an Excel matrix? write a short VBA function something like this. Select your matrix and run it.. Code-named OdysseyExcel is a software program from Microsoft that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of software programs. Developed by Microsoft and first released on September 30, 1985, Excel is capable of creating and editing spreadsheets that are saved with a .xls or .xlsx file extension. General uses of Excel include cell-based calculation, pivot tables, and various graphing tools. For instance, with an Excel spreadsheet, you could create a monthly budget, track business expenses, or sort and organize large amounts of data.

How do I extract data from an Excel matrix

Unlike a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, the Excel documents consist of columns and rows of data, made up of individual cells. Each of these cells can contain either text or numerical values that can be calculated using formulas. This is very easy and simple to use.

  1. sub summarizeCells()
  2. for each cel in Selected
  3. if not IsEmpty(cel.value)
  4. iOutPutRow = iOutPutRow + 1
  5. with sheets(“SummarizedData”)
  6. .cells(iOutPutRow , 1) = cells(2, cel.column)
  7. .cells(iOutPutRow , 2) = cells(cel.row, 2)
  8. .cells(iOutPutRow , 3) = cel.Value
  9. end with
  10. end if
  11. next
  12. end sub

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