How do I import products from Esty into Shopify via ShopMaster?

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First of all, each entrepreneur has to understand that technically migration is not a difficult thing. But it may involve not only business profit but also some risks. Nowadays, e-Commerce migration is the biggest problem because moving a website from low grade service provider to high grade service provider may cause some troubles concerning configuration and various dependency issues. That is why it is very important to make a right choice of the platform you want to migrate too.

Shopify is a powerful and most popular platform for e-commerce business. And I would say that migration in this case really makes sense.

Shopify features:

  • The ability to work as a “Point of sale”, in other words – offline
  • Online chat and phone support
  • Included hosting and subdomain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Automatic fraud analysis
  • Product importing via CSV files

But how to do it with less costs, efforts and risks?

As for me I would suggest EasyERP. You can migrate your data from Etsy to Shopify just in a few clicks.

Thus, the benefits of using ERP are the following:

1. accurate customer relationship management

2. comprehensive up-to date information about the product available 24/7 on the web-store: number of items, description, price, quality etc.

3. total online control of inventory data, item movement, sales, shipment tracking, order fulfillment, invoices, payment, accounting

4. availability of a centralized system with a real-time data reflection of the situation on all levels of the system

5. manual entry and error reduction

6. accurate product information

7. full customer data and history

8. good reporting system

What can be transferred?

Preparations to be done before migration:

· set up URL redirect, so your customers will find your store if they click on their bookmark or use an old address from some advertisement or another link;

· make sure that every important resource of your store is accessible even if you remove their specific protocol like “http” or “https”;

· always have backups of important information of your e-commerce store data in CSV or XSV files;

· prepare your Shopify store – make it ready to accept the data from your previous store;

· get to know how and where to manage your billing information;

· if you have employees, don’t forget to create accounts for them.

You can find more detailed information and instruscions how to migrate from Etsy to Shopify here: How to migrate your store to Shopify • EasyERP – open source ERP & CRM and check out how easy it is to migrate from one shop to another for free right here Migration • EasyERP – open source ERP & CRM


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