How do I protect WordPress content from hackers?

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How do I protect WordPress content from hackers?

How do I protect WordPress content from hackers? If you’re a small business owner, then chances are you have a dozen things on your mind and you’re probably not focused on keeping your WordPress site safe and secure. WordPress security should be a top priority since WordPress sites are quite vulnerable to hackers; approximately 70% of them. Here’s how you can keep your site safe from hackers:

How do I protect WordPress content from hackers

Keep WordPress up-to-date

One very important way to protect your WordPress site is to keep it up-to-date. Hackers are constantly working to find vulnerabilities in a site’s security system. As they find flaws, the WordPress development team will respond by fixing them before anyone can take advantage of the flaws. In a way, it works like an arms race. Hackers find issues, WordPress responds by increasing their security, and then hackers respond by finding new vulnerabilities. A large reason why so many websites are vulnerable to hackers is that site owners don’t bother to run updates often. The website management plans Growfio offers include taking care of your WordPress updates so that you won’t ever have to worry about keeping your WordPress site up-to-date.

Keep themes and plugins up-to-date

Let’s go over the importance of keeping your themes and plugins up-to-date. Over 50% of WordPress plugins are vulnerable because they aren’t kept up to date. To update your themes and plugins, login to your WordPress site and click on ‘Updates’ under the Dashboard tab. If you’re having trouble locating the updates page, in your browser type in your website URL followed by /wp-admin/update-core.php. From there, check off everything you want to update and click the ‘Update’ button.

Limit login attempts

By default, WordPress doesn’t limit the number of login attempts by a person. Usually, websites will prevent you from logging in after a few times if you fail to enter the correct password, but that isn’t the case with WordPress. This is a major issue since hackers and bots won’t give up after failing a few times. They have sophisticated tools that can continually guess your password until they get it right. So, if you want to keep your site secure, you need to limit the number of attempts. There are multiple plugins out there which allow you to limit login attempts.

Run 24/7 security scans

If you care about WordPress security, then you really should invest in 24/7 security scanning services. Growfio’s website plans include top-of-the-line security services that will help protect your site from vicious hackers, viruses, and other threats to your website. At Growfio, your website’s safety is top priority.

Change your password often

A lot of people make the mistake of never changing their passwords. This is an issue because you can never be completely sure your password hasn’t been leaked somewhere. Your computer could have picked up a virus that copied your password and now someone else is in possession of it (they just haven’t gotten around to trying to hack your site yet). People who use one password for multiple sites are especially at risk. Some websites don’t have great security and can easily be hacked, which means your password would in the hands of a hacker who can use it on your other accounts and sites. Please make sure your change your password every few months, or once a month if you want to be really safe. We recommend using password generators such as LastPass, for when you need to create a strong, hard-to-crack password.

Have a firewall on your server

A firewall is a great tool to help protect your website against password brute force attacks and denial of service attacks. Setting up a firewall isn’t easy, but thankfully there are numerous firewall services out there for you to take advantage of.

Have managed hosting

Managed hosting is a service where your web hosting is setup, monitored, and maintained by a company. Having managed hosting is one of the best ways to keep your WordPress site secure. A study found that over 40% of all WordPress sites were hacked due to security issues in their hosting platform. So, make sure you find a good host which can guarantee the safety and security of your site.

Backup your website often

Regularly backing up your website is important. If your site is ever compromised, you’ll want to restore it from a backup so that you can be in full control. Create a consistent backup schedule, such as once a day, and follow it. You’ll be thankful you did if anything ever goes wrong.

Growfio’s website plans include everything you need to keep your WordPress site safe and secure. We’ll handle your web hosting, backups, firewall, updates, and more so that you can rest easy knowing your website is in good hands.



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