How do you export a WordPress site to a static HTML, i.e., how do you remove all WordPress functionality from a WordPress theme to turn it into a plain HTML theme, and are there any ‘export as HTML’ type features available?

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It is possible to make a static website from WordPress. Here is a short guide for that:

Before you start:

  1. Change all dynamic content on the website to the external services, f.e.:
    1. comment to Facebook Comments
    2. contact form to Formspree
    3. search to WP Google Search
  2. Change permission to access to the WordPress in .htaccess because WordPress is only a content “donor”.

Preparing environment

  1. Install WordPress plugin to grab HTML data: Simply Static
  2. Configuration:
    1. Use absolute URL
    2. set Static type
    3. set localisation to Local Directory

Generating static page
This could take few minutes

If some pages wasn’t generated you can add them in Additional URL field

This answer based on Lukasz Wilczak’s presentation from WordUp Kraków 2017.


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