How much should I charge to develop a WordPress site?

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Back in the rhythmic days of the early web, developers were free to charge whatever price they find suitable out of the air and represent it to the clients. Particularly in the entry level days, pricing are becoming more competitive. Figuring out with how much one should pay to develop a WordPress website is such a real pain especially for small business and startups just like finding someone trustworthy to build their application.

Hi I am Business Analyst of a private web and mobile app development company. Today, in this article; we will discuss regarding how much would it cost to develop WordPress website from leading website companies around the world, factors affecting the cost and what you should actually know as the website owner. Just scroll down the points and figure out the estimated cost.

Know the cost to make a WordPress website from a leading web development company

What goes in setting up WordPress website?

With WordPress, you can start a website with a small portion of the money. WordPress software is free. You can download it from its official site. Still, there are many elements or factors that contribute to the development of WordPress website.

However, the extras in costing will depend on upon your requirements and customization. You can also choose to add SEO package which can be of great advantage while dealing with search engine rankings. Below are the elements and their cost.

1) Domain:

The first and mandatory element that you need to shop for website development is the domain name. Having domain name is like investing in the property, giving an address to your website. Make sure that your domain name is unique, brand able and should be at least keyword rich.

Select domain name with either .com, .net or .org. Domain name would cost your around $8 – $12.

2) Web-Hosting Cost:

Once you have your domain name with you, the second thing you need to buy is web-hosting space. I would suggest you if you want good web performance then do not compromise with the web hosting space. General web hosting cost is around $8-$10 for shared hosting where your website is hosted on the server with other websites. You can also choose to go with private hosting or can create your own dedicated server.

Cost : Starting from min $10.

3) Setup Cost:

Nowadays, there are many tutorials and videos available to set and develop your WordPress website. You can easily browse those DIY videos and tutorials and setup your own WordPress website. However, if you feel that it’s too technical and want to customize your website then, you can hire any freelancer or professional website developer to setup your website. It may cost you around $99.

4) WordPress Theme Cost:

It is one of the most hardest yet important tasks to pick up a right theme for your business. Right theme means in terms of speed, price, and functionality. The theme should be selected as per the service you want to leverage to your customers. Basic cost to buy a theme may be around $20.

5) WordPress Plugin Cost:

If you want to integrate extra services in your WordPress website then, you need to integrate various plug-ins in your website so as to avail the services. Many plug-ins are available for free while many are paid. Depending on your requirements, you need to select the plug-in. Cost may be around :$10- $70.

I want a nice Website! Is Designing bit Expensive?

Everyone wish to have the fantastic website and WordPress offers thousands of theme options for awesome designing at the reasonable cost. As you are into DIY approach, you need to choose the themes from pre-made WordPress options. While choosing themes just be sure how would you represent your brand online. There are two types of themes available: free and premium. If you go with the free theme it will cost you nothing. If you opt for premium themes and want to customize app as per your requirement, it may lead to increase in overall website budget. The cost can vary between $250 – $500.

What would be the Development Cost?

There are two ways to charge developers : Hourly or project basis.

The price of a project depends on the features and other services that you want to integrate. Below are the industry standard rates:

Freelancer Rates:

Beginning : $20 to $40 per hour.

Intermediate: $40 to $60 per hour.

Experienced: $70 to $100 per hour.

Industry Expert : $100 – $400 per hour.

What a Typical Site should Cost?

Depending on the type of sites you develop, cost factor differs.

1) Brochure Sites:

These are the most simple sites. It includes general information and some elements like photo gallery, calendar etc. It may cost you around $300 – $500.

2) E-commerce Sites:

It is not as simple as other sites. It requires in-depth knowledge and technical expertise. It includes shopping cart, product pages, plug-ins integration, multi-language support, custom checkouts. It may cost you around $1000- $5000.

How much does it cost to develop WordPress website?

Well, to estimate any website cost would sound bit insane. One cannot fix the price of any website as it depends on the functionality you integrate and the specifications you mention for development. Still, overall estimate to develop WordPress website would cost you around $2,000 to $200,000 respectively.


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