Outsource HTML Conversion Services

What is HTML?

HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language. It has been a commonly used document format since the development of internet. HTML is one of the markup languages used for making web pages. Most documents in ‘www’ are written, by using HTML. Due to the increased use of HTML, there has been arise in the need of HTML conversion services.

It will always be a beautiful choice to have a company that can make accurate HTML conversion for you. Thus, you need not to look any further as fate has made you discover Kulfi Softwares.

At Kulfi Softwares, we have a professional team of HTML conversion experts that can provide you with a perfect conversion service. Because, by converting your content into HTML files, it makes it easy for you to distribute your content, as you can reach out to more customers by providing your information via the Internet.

HTML conversion services At Kulfi Softwares

At Kulfi Softwares, we have competencein the following HTML conversions services –

● HTML/ASCII text conversion

● HTML/adobe acrobat conversion

● HTML/color conversion

● HTML/DOC conversion

● HTML/GIF conversion

● MS-Word/HTML conversion

● HTML/MS word, MS excel

● Paper/HTML conversion

● HTML/PDF conversion

● HTML/PNG conversion

● HTML/JPEG conversion

● HTML/TIFF conversion

● HTML/PowerPoint conversion

● HTML/XHTML conversion

● HTML/RTF conversion

● HTML/XML conversion

● Conversion from any source format (microfilm, microfiche, print originals and electronic files) to HTML

Why Kulfi Softwares is perfect for your HTML data conversion

✦ We make use of leading-edge technologies and skilled HTML conversion executives, thus, we can convert any unstructured data into an organized HTML format.

✦ Any publications done by Kulfi Softwares are liable to beperfect, be it from paper-based source (hard copy) or from an electronic file (soft copy).

At Kulfi Softwares, we have an awesome conversion tools that recognizes

❖ headings

❖ layout

❖ emphasis

❖ bulleted lists

❖ file structure

❖ tables

❖ Code samples and any others are convertible with adequate HTML tags.

Our data conversion experts have experience in adding titles, colors, standard HTML headers and footers and style sheets to each page. No matter what your requirements, we can address all your HTML conversion needs

We also make specified additions such as

➢ URLs

➢ bookmarks

➢ hyperlinks

➢ email addresses

➢ document cross-link

➢ PowerPoint slide titles

➢ Document meta-information (author, title, subject, keywords) etc.

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