I want to convert a PDF file to VCE file. what is the best way to do this?

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How to Convert PDF to VCE File

VCE is a popular file format used via Visual CertExam Suite. The full form of VCE is Visual CertExam. It is an exam simulator which is mainly used for certificate program or exams like IT certificate exams. VCE files cannot be used without Visual Certification Exam application. It is a powerful tool which consists of a combination a VCE Test Engine, VCE Software and VCE files to perform Computer based exam easily. Other that IT Industry, VCE is used in many other fields too. Here you will find an easy way to convert PDF to VCE.

How to Convert from PDF to VCE File Format

For instant PDF to VCE conversion, Exam Formatter is the most used tool. It is easy to download and you can convert any PDF practice paper or quiz into a VCE file format without any need of further modifications. You could create interactive exam format to induce advanced learning experience. Even though PDF files are convenient to use for printing, editing or other purpose, VCE is best suited for any important exam. Follow these simple steps to turn any PDF document into VCE.

Step 1. Open PDF in Exam Formatter

Launch Exam Formatter. Go to the “File” menu and select “Import”. Choose a PDF file and tap “Open”.

At the left-hand side you will find a list of all the questions in the file. Choose any question number to modify the content. It will be separated as Formatted and Original text for your understanding. Perform the necessary changes before conversion.

Step 2. Start Converting PDF to VCE

Finally, go to “File” menu and choose “Save As” option from the dialog box. Choose the file name and click “Save”. The PDF document is converted into VCE. Now, you can launch the Visual CertExam Designer and open the converted VCE file.

As Exam Formatter does not support important editing tools, it is only used for conversion of PDF to VCE file format. For more functionality and other essential tools you need to choose the most user method which works in two ways: PDF Editor and Converter.


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