I want to make a PDF available for viewers to download from my WordPress site. How can I do this?

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PDF could be easily made available for viewers by using any plugin in the WordPress site, Make web better provides WP Ultimate PDF Generatorwhich can generate PDF from all types of WordPress post, not only post you can also download PDF of all products and pages.
This plugin contains all post details. It can export all the post details which are mention in the Post.

WP Ultimate PDF Generator allows to export PDF on Admin End as well as front end. There are various functionality provided by this plugin: –

  1. Post: – Convert PDF of all the Post including all the information of Post.
  2. Pages: – Convert PDF of all pages including all the information of page.
  3. Products: – Convert PDF of all the products including all the information .
  4. Bulk Export: – Ability to export PDF in bulk of all Pages, Posts and Products.
  5. Custom Field: – Create PDF of all the custom fields create in WordPress.
  6. Custom Post: – Create PDF of all the custom post. It contains all the information
  7. Fully Customizable: – Provided setting to customize full pdf according to the need.
  8. Export from Cache: – Export pdf from cache will reduce the server load. That will increase the processing speed.
  9. Compatible with Advanced Custom Field plugin: – It can export pdf of all the fields generated by this plugin.

Make web better provides all solution of the compatibility :


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