I’m a technical dummy, how can I create an amazing WordPress site?

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Your key objective is to make 2k/m. Everything else is secondary.

Please answer the following:

  1. What is your website about?
  2. How do you make money on your site? For instance, is it from Adsense, or some affiliate programs, or by actually selling the products or services?
  3. What is your current level of revenue? How far are you from the 2k/m goal?
  4. What are your traffic stats?
  5. What are your traffic sources?
  6. What is your bounce rate?
  7. What is your conversion rate?
  8. How much are you spending on promoting your website every month?
  9. What are your / your team’s skills in promoting the website and in managing the content?
  10. Do you have social media profiles of this website?
  11. How many followers and fans there?
  12. What is the engagement level with them?

This is just the start. As you can see, none of my questions is related to wordpress. Why? Because wordpress, themes, design, they are important, but even the most beautiful website can have zero revenue generation. And, that would defeat your goal of 2k/m.


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