Is Microsoft more successful than Apple?

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Is Microsoft more successful than Apple?

Microsoft is more successful.

Is Microsoft more successful than Apple?There is a difference between a long running fad and success. Silly bands (a US product that was a rubber band bracelet that came in different shapes) , for example, may have been a “success” in some minds, but they weren’t successful. Look at the chart below.

Is Microsoft more successful than Apple?

Google is abysmal here, but they aren’t the subject. More than half of Apple revenue comes from the iPhone alone. More than 78% comes from a product with an “i” in front of it, not including iMacs. Only 6% of revenue is renewable. When they continue to fail to produce new features, as they showed by removing the headphone jack, device sales will slow, hampering their future.

On the other hand, Microsoft is extremely diversified, and this graph doesn’t even show Surface. Bing, Groove Music, Microsoft Movies & TV, along with Xbox Live and Game Pass are all renewable.

Microsoft has been around so long they rescued Apple just so Windows wouldn’t be a monopoly. Apple goes up and down, Microsoft has never been close to bankruptcy in recent memory and it won’t be for a long time. Apple, I wouldn’t be too sure about. Apple is sitting on a one legged chair. They might look cool for a while, but all it takes is one bad CEO to knock it over.

One legged chairs, no matter how big, are not successes. A four legged chair is always more of a success, especially when it is the third largest in the world.


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