Is there any WooCommerce Plugin for importing Products from Aliexpress and auto-order?

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I will recommend a Free tool named ShopMaster to you. It really help me to manager my business. It is easy and convenient to use. Save me a lot of time and make my work more effectively.

Here are some of its features:

Multi-channels integration: support to add eBay,Shopify,Wish channels

One-click Sourcing : quickly add products from 29 supplier sites to your store in one-click. You can bulk edit listing quickly and save a lot of time.

Easily Order: Aliexpress order form will be automatically filled out with your customer’s info,all you have to do is pay. Even dont need to worry about shippment.

Inventory and price monitor: know your inventory and prices changes timely, won’t let you out of store or lose a penny.

Repricing Rules: automatically make up all items prices based on rules that you set. Easily earn your money through price setting.

Billing Plan: starter plan is free without time limit,no charge forever for starter plan.


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