What are the best plugins to import Excel or CSV files into WordPress?

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Plugins to import Excel or CSV files into WordPress? WordPress is a very large online platform which offers every user to create its own website with best facilities. We can also import Excel or CSV file into WordPress but, finding best? Ahh! leave everything to us – KulfiSoftware. KulfiSoftware will melt your problems to answer very fast. Plugin Import csv file into WordPress

Best Plugins to import CSV file into WordPress

1. wp-csv-to-db

WP-csv-to-database gives you the ability to import CSV file into WordPress without any problem and it is easy to use. Using this plugin is best to import CSV file into WordPress
Best Plugins to import Excel file into WordPress
And Again if you don’t know wp-csv-to-db is also the best plugin to import Excel file into WordPress without any data loss with proper steps.
So I think after reading this you would have come to know which are the best plugins to Import Csv and excel file into WordPress.
Now, let’s talk about other plugins

2. CSV to post

CSV 2 POST offers longer-term management of the data used to generate posts, then most plugins.
If you need to do a quick job, build a quick WP and still be prepared for unexpected changes
in your project/site. Then CSV 2 POST is the plugin you need. The interface has a sandbox approach
allowing users to submit any form at any time. That means when you suddenly realize your posts need to change or your original source of data has changed. You can simply use any of the tools available to get the job done with minimum fuss. CSV 2 POST is intended to be permanently installed however, you can use it for quick projects and remove the plugin also.

3. CSV Importer

This plugin imports posts from CSV (Comma Separated Value) files into your WordPress blog. It can prove extremely useful when you want to import a bunch of posts from an Excel document or the like – simply export your document into a CSV file and the plugin will take care of the rest.

4. Ultimate CSV Importer

Ultimate CSV Importer is an import tool that helps to build a WordPress site at the drop of a hat by importing Post, Page, Custom Post, Comments, WordPress Custom Fields & CustomPress fields, Reviews of WP Customer Reviews and SEO fields of All in One SEO. The plugin supports import of all Custom Post Types.

The image can be imported from external URL like Google image, pixabay, Shutterstock, etc. The images are imported into the background with the help of WP-CRON to enhance the performance. You can easily configure your WP-Cron for faster import.

5. iPushPull

The iPushPull WordPress plugin makes it easy to automate updates or display live-updating data from your desktop Excel spreadsheets on your WordPress pages. You’ll need an iPushPull account to use the plugin – sign up for a free trial here!

So these were the best plugins to import csv file to WordPress.


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