What are Content Management Systems (CMS) alternatives to WordPress that are built in Ruby on Rails rather than PHP? Preferably has a easy to use Graphic User Interface?

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There are 7 top CMSs on Rails: Refinery CMS, Locomotive CMS, Camaleon CMS, Radiant CMS, ComfortableMexicanSofa, Alchemy CMS, and Spina CMS.

Refinery has advanced functionality and boasts a long list of extensions (Elasticsearch; contact forms, calendars, and image galleries). Notable features: built-in multi-language support; multiple extensions; support for Amazon S3 cloud storage.

Locomotive is a hosted solution, and firstly you need to develop the website and add content types locally, and then push changes to the production site.
Notable features: real-time editing; hosting (from $19 to $199 per month); great documentation.

  • Camaleon lets you update any content on your website, allows to categorize all the content on your website (using pre-built themes, widgets, and even customizable menus). The HTML editor is bundled with all necessary functionality you might need to work with texts. Also you can drag and drop a button or field to a built-in contact form and even adjust the HTML for each form directly in the admin panel.

Notable features: themes and plugins store; demo CMS; advanced contact forms.

  • Radiant allows you to rapidly navigate and find necessary content with only four tabs. You can manage documents, PDF files, videos, images, articles; edit CSS and JavaScript. Radiant lets you develop any content structure you wish. But it’s designed for web developers, not for the laity.

Notable features: intelligent page caching; support for HTML, Textile, and Markdown markup languages.

  • ComfortableMexicanSofa is equipped with a CodeMirror text editor to manually change HTML layouts, which isn’t very simple. You can develop two or more websites and mirror them; automatically updates layouts for all websites.Sofa’s approach is very close to that of Radiant. It is designed for small web development teams.

Notable features: support for Ruby on Rails 4 and 5; support for mirrored websites with a single installation; support for Twitter Bootstrap, CodeMirror (a browser-based code editor), and Redactor (a text editor).

  • Alchemy is a ready CMS builder that prevents content managers from working with HTML layouts. Only developers are able to change layouts and styles. Key feature of Alchemy CMS is the TinyMCE Richtext Editor.

Notable features: support for multiple domains; flexible templates.

  • Spina provides only basic functionalities – a likable interface for managing user types and permissions, adding posts with images, and managing SEO-related metadata for each article.You can add a redirect URL for your article, which is highly appreciated by SEO managers.

Notable features: some SEO tricks that aren’t available in other CMSs; support for the latest Ruby and Ruby on Rails versions.

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