What are some of the lesser known but useful Excel functions/tricks?

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Useful Excel Functions



Useful excel functions – An often-overlooked method of increasing productivity when working in an Excel model is to use Excel shortcuts or shortcut keys. These shortcut keys perform major functions that, when used instead of clicking in the toolbar, dramatically increase efficiency in speed. Useful Excel Functions & Tricks 2018.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used to store and retrieve numerical data in a grid format of columns and rows. Excel is ideal for entering, calculating and analyzing company data such as sales figures, sales taxes or commissions.


Taking a cue from the answer in Saito’s link and the fact that most Excel needs are specific to the nature of your work, I will stick to some of the essential keyboard shortcuts which are very useful excel functions. They significantly reduce the processing time of any spreadsheet, and that gives you more time to think about the better stuff (like logic or VBA, maybe) – KulfiSoftware

useful excel functions

Excel Function/tricks 2018

  1. Select Column : Ctrl + Space
  2. Select Row: Shift+ Space
  3. Add Column/Row : Ctrl + ‘+’
  4. Delete Column/Row : Ctrl + ‘-‘
  5. Add Worksheet: Shift +F11
  6. Delete Worksheet: Alt +E+L
  7. Scroll through Worksheets: Ctrl + Tab
  8. Put filters : Alt +D + F +F
  9. Create Pivot : Select Data + Alt + D + P + P + Enter + Enter
  10. Navigate to data extremes: Ctrl + Direction Keys
  11. Paste (as Values/Formats/etc.) : Alt + E + S
  12. Maximise Workbook/ Notepad: Alt + Space + X (I feel very happy when I see an ‘unmaximized’ window because I get to do this awesome combination)

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