What are the bad effects of technology?

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What are the bad effects of technology?

Well today everyone is having a smartphone. We all use it. But the difference is that for few people it really enhances our life and for others it destroys others life. Some of the bad effects of technology are as follows

I was not able to get a peaceful sleep from few days because of the Smartphone and laptop.

There are three disadvantage of modern smartphone/laptop:

  • Effects your eyes
  • Effects your brain by radiation
  • Effects your time.

Your eyes will be effected by the blue light. Your sleep will be affected. Because blue light fills energy in you. When you get up in the morning, you feel energetic because the presence of blue light. That’s the reason when you use mobile at night you do not feel sleepy.

What can be the solution :

Use anti glare spects and use some applications that are available on playstore that reduces blue light of your mobile.

Effects your brain – We all know that the bloody radiation. Prohibit keeping mobile phone close when you sleep.

Effects your time – Time killer social media

That’s is very important, You will be wasting your time unnecessarily. Chating with girls/boys or watching some unnecessary videos on youtube. You can be productive at this time. There is much more thing to do rather than killing your time.

Time waits for none. So stop doing bullshit and work for success. We have got equal brain utilize it for your dreams.

bad effects of technology

Most of them are addicted to social media…Once I was… 🙂


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