What are the best express delivery/logistics companies in the Philippines? What do you think the advantages/disadvantages of using particular companies for outsourcing your logistics management to?

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I think there are quite a number. You’ve got big, established companies like LBC, 2Go and Air 21, the mid-tier ones that are too numerous to name (although I’ve personally worked with TNL Logistics and LiteExpress) and the smaller, nimbler e-commerce focused companies like A-Commerce, CliqnShip and Xend.

I’m not sure what amount of logistics management you are looking to oursource but the best advice I’ve ever gotten about outsourcing is that you need to know what the heck you are doing firsthand before passing it on quickly.

In my experience, I’ve used logistics companies to help with our last mile, which is something many of the companies I’ve been working with have no capacity or scale to do. As for warehouse management and other functions, I haven’t had the pleasure. I imagine it helps if you want to scale quickly but you generally only go that route at a certain volume. At the start you would definitely want to keep it in-house.


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