What are the best link management plugins or tools for a WordPress blog?

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Easy External Links

  • Easy External Links helps a lot when you need to manage external links. You can choose to open external links in a new tab or in the current one, add “nofollow,” add a title attribute, or choose target=”_blank” for comment links and for external links in excerpts. You can also use domain whitelists to set different properties for the links to a particular domain.


  • This plugin helps put links under control. You can group links by categories and/or tags, get a link thumbnail and the hit count for each link, and sort links in ascending/descending order. You can also set redirects for each link, as well as choose whether it opens in a new or current tab.

Auto Tag Links

  • Auto Tag is a very handy plugin.With it you can automatically make a tag in content into a hyperlink. Of course, if a tag is popular and you use it frequently, this will create way too many hyperlinks. To avoid this you can set tag threshold and limit in a single post, as well as the minimum and maximum tag links count. You can also choose a custom color for your links.


  • Linker is a very useful plugin if you need link cloaking and link statistics. With it you can create short links, manage 301 redirects, and track how many hits each link gets. It’s especially great for cloaking affiliate links because it hides the actual link and gives stats for how popular a link is.

Broken Link Checker

  • One aspect of link management you shouldn’t forget about is checking for broken links.The best plugin for this purpose is Broken Link Checker.It checks for broken links everywhere – in posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, even custom fields

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