What are the best plugins to import Excel or CSV files into WordPress?

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This really depends on what your desired output is. As Eric Rosenberg said, WordPress is not a spreadsheet program — it’s not designed to handle CSV or spreadsheet data. There may be plugins that allow you to import data this way, but they will be for a very specific thing, like importing a large number of events into an event management plugin like Event Espresso. If you are importing posts into WordPress, then it sounds like Ryan Bayne’s suggestion would be best, but since normally people don’t store post data in a spreadsheet, I doubt that’s what you’re looking for.

Instead of asking for plugins that allow you to import CSV files, you should instead ask if there are plugins that do x (whatever you are trying to do with that information) that support importing from CSV. In my experience, importing from a spreadsheet is very touch-and-go, and the spreadsheets need to be formatted in a very specific way so the plugin understands what to do with the data — it’s unlikely you’ll find one that works exactly the way you want it to right out of the box.

As to “how many man-hours [does] it take to integrate [the] plugin onto the WordPress CMS” — that’s easy. Zero. If you find a plugin that does what you want, all you need to do is download it and activate it. Done. If what you are asking is how many hours would it take to develop this plugin, that’s a totally different question and would have a different answer.


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