What are the best tools to simultaneously post content to multiple sites, including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Digg? How are CoTweet, Postling, and Hootsuite? Is one better than the other?

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One of the things that frustrated me were tools like Ping.fm that would push out content to all sites in a way that was obvious you were doing so. Specifically, you can’t write a long post, publish it to twitter and WordPress, and expect it to work. Instead, many sites will automatically truncate your post and jam a link in there, leading you back to their page (not your blog).

For that reason, we built Postling as a 2* step process: you write a blog post and publish it to your WordPress / Blogger / Tumblr / Typepad / Squarespace / Drupal / Facebook Notes, then you can update your states on Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn with a http://bit.ly link that points to which ever blogging platform you had just published to. That way you can tailor the status update to be a well-converting teaser instead of an ugly truncation of your opening sentence.

*In the case of blog posts that contain original photos, we’ll also let you publish that photo to Flickr and Facebook Photo Albums.


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