What is a Magento user guide in a PDF format?

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What is a Magento user guide in a PDF format?

Magento user guide in a PDF format. You can go to this web: Magento Download for:

Free Magento themes: a place for download premium themes for free
Free Magento extension: Place for downloading the best Magento extensions
Magento user guide: Place for download Magento user guide in pdf format

Magento user guide in a PDF format

Searching Magento download or download Magento 2 with sample data, this resource is completely for you!

If you scroll to the Magento download part, you can easily realize Magento provides 3 file type for each download option: ziptar.br2, and tar.gz, then you may confuse about which file type you should choose.

If you’re using Windows, .zip is the most popular file type of Magento download and it’s easy to process. That file type archives multiple files and compresses them together into only one compressed file.

And in Unix and Unix-like operating system, 2 processes is not the same: .tar archives multiples file into only one file and gzip (gz) or bzip2 (bz2) compress that “only one” .tarfile. .gzip and bzip2 are 2 types of compression formats that work in the same manner.


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